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In the 19th and half the of 20th century, Arab media were not strong because of lack of literacy. In the period of 1839 to 1912, a Jewish person named Yaacov belonging to Egypt, first time, issued a newspaper with the objective to spread their cultural ethics. Likewise, Jamal-al-Din-al-Afghani and Muhammad Abduh printed a paper in Paris named Al-Uruwa Al-Wuthqa. It was the first step towards the liberal paper. The Arab intellects gathered in the American University Beirut and requested to establish the Islamic Political system. Later, other newspapers in Damascus, Haifa, Zionism, Jaffa, etc. also defended it.
Al yum

Other publications of that era include Filastin, Al-Carmel, Al-Manar, etc. From 1930 onward, Cairo became the center of print media and was developed by the British. Ruz-al-Yusuf was published on the weekly basis. Al-Wafd and Al-Aharam were issued on the local level.

The Egypt Revolution brought many changes in 1952 and an extraordinary leader named Gamal Adb-al-Nasser focused on the advancement of media. He felt that radio is a more important source of news and information as compared to the printing press. Till his death in 1970, news and radio media flourished, but the television network was not started in Arab yet.
In 1975, the newspapers and radio prevailed to the Gulf from Cairo. Later in 1980-90, Satellite Broadcasting took a start in Arab. People began to use the fax machines and tapes. Arab Newspapers, e.g. Asharq-al-Awsat, Al-Hayat, Al-Quds Al-Arabi, Al-Wasat, etc. were moved to the European countries.
The electronic media got popularity rapidly and Al-Jazeera TV was telecasted in 1996 by Faysal Qasem who pioneer and provide his services for the BC earlier. Now Al-Jazeera TV is under the control of Qatar and is liberal in expressions. The incidents of 9-11 and Intifada were dealt by al-Jazeera TV in the opposition of Western countries, so it is suspected to be involved in favor of Al-Qaida.

Other than Al-Jazeera, there are many local, regional, national and international Arab television channels at the present time and the most famous ones are Greek Television “Antenna1”, Italian TV “Mediaset”, Saudi Arab TV “Al Atheer”, “Al Ekhbaria”, Qatar TV “Dukhan TV”, Qatar Sports, Al Wakrah, Egypt TV “ERTU Ch1”, Al Fagr”, Al Tanweer, etc . These television networks have a huge traffic all over the world including Australia and Asia.
According to a statistical report having a record of 2000-02 per 1000 people, there are 326 daily newspapers in Saudi Arabia, 326 radios, 0.3 cable TV subscribers and 80 home Satellite Antennas. Another record shows that there was an estimated circulation of 9000 papers of Al Wasat in Bahrain. The internet has also a trend in Arab countries these days.

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