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Afghani Newspapers, Radio, TV
Afghani newspapers, radio and television media are published basically in two languages, i.e. Pashto and Dari. During the period of 1996-2001, Afghani media was under the authority of the Taliban government. Presently, it is on the way of liberty and development.
The name of the first newspaper in Afghanistan is Siraj-ul-Akhbar. It was printed first time in 1906 and its editor was Abd-al-Rauf. But, it stopped publishing soon and restored its working again in 1911. It was published by Mahmud Tarzi who was the head of Afghani News Media. During the reign of Amanullah Khan, its name was changed to “Aman-i-Afghan” and it started working for the government. Meanwhile many other newspapers started working on a small level privately.


1925 was a new and changed period of Afghanistan when Radio Kabul started broadcasting different programs. A special role was played in the liberty and freedom of the Afghan media by the Constitution of Afghanistan 1964 and the Press Law 1965. There were about 19 newspapers closed due to certain confinements in 1973.
The color TV started telecasting its programs in 1978. Taliban provoked the termination of TVs in 1998 calling the media against the Shariat Law. However, Northern Afghanistan was running its TV with the name “Badakhshan Television”. It was estimated that there were more than 5000 people of Afghanistan who watched this channel within 3 hours daily. In short, the Afghani media kept on stark till 2001.
Currently, the sale of newspapers is low in Afghanistan due to lack of education. There are several newspapers that are censored or cannot bear the expense of printing press. Some of the popular public newspapers are Anis, Arman-e-Melli, Eslah, Kabuk Times, Cheragh, etc. and private newspapers are under the control of Afghan Group of Newspapers. Nowadays, there are about 500 registered issues in Afghanistan.
Several Radio stations are there with Shortwave, AM and FM. It is broadcasted in Pashto, Persian, Urdu and English languages. Radio Kabul was banned for several years and restored its broadcasting in 2001. Arman FM is a private radio network and these days, it is gaining popularity among the youth in Afghanistan. A statistical report says that there are 175 radio stations working in Afghanistan presently.
As far as the television set up in Afghanistan is concerned, ARIA TV is particularly watched by the kids and youngsters. MOBY Group states that their income has reached $20 million. Afghanistan National Television was banned in 1996, but restarted its programs in 2002. It is owned by the government. Tolo TV is the most popular among Afghanis.
The number of internet users is also going up in Afghanistan and an estimate reveals that there were one million people connected to the internet in 2009.

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