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French Newspapers, Radio, TV
In the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries, the French media were restricted by the government. However, it evolved rapidly and nowadays; the print media are publishing its material with the liberty under the rules of the French Constitution.
In France, currently, there is no trend of print media as much and people are rather interested in broadcasting and internet. The history shows that in the period of 1939-45, the newspapers were widely used, but when the 2nd World War came to an end, there was a sale of 6 million newspapers by 28 press companies collectively. Later in 1950s, the number of readers became half and its decline started.



In fact, the emergence of the electronic media has a greater impact on the falling popularity of the newspapers, however, the local and territorial newspapers have no effect on their sale and still Ouest-France is being sold two times more than national newspapers. According to an estimate made in 2011, the most famous newspapers are Le Figaro, Le Monde, La Croix, France-Soir, etc. The circulation record of Le Figaro is round about 332120, Le Monde is 322872 and La Croix is more than 105300.
AFP (Agence France Presse) is a news agency gaining popularity all over the world and its earnings are very high. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs supports RFI (Radio France International).

French radio stations and television networks were under the authority of the government in the periods of 1950 to 1970. Now, there are several radio stations in France. The most commonly listened are BFM, Europe 1, Fun Radio, Radio France, France Info, FIP, RTL, Skyrock, etc. These radio stations are broadcasting a large variety of business news, entertainment programs, educational and informational documentaries as well.
The major public television networks are France 2, France 3, France 5 and privately owned TV channels are TF1, M6, Canal+, AB1, NRJ 12, etc. There are also some television channels that are particularly telecasting music programs such as MCM, MTV France, W9, etc. Besides, there are some news channels that are telecasting latest updates from time to time and work 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, e.g. LCI, BFM TV, etc.
La Chaine Parlementaire is the television network based on the governmental programs while TV5 broadcasts the programs on the national level with the support of other TV channels. Bouygues group is running its services publicly and has succeeded in getting the highest traffic.
NIC France has registered 150 companies to provide internet and French Telecom has founded IAP in 1996 with the name of Wanadoo. The government has a main role in

the rapid development of the internet access in France.

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