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The United Kingdom has a strong communication network with a large number of newspapers, radio stations and television channels. The largest and the most popular all over the world is BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation). Others include many regional as well as national sources of media. An estimate reveals that there are 240 local and territorial newspapers in the UK. Out of the national newspapers, the most sold ones are The Daily Mirror and The Sunday Mirror.

The number of viewers of the BBC in the United States was recorded as 28 percent of all the TV channels and the Satellite channels were viewed about 42 percent. The rest of the channels contribute about 30 as the private channels.
A record reveals that the United Kingdom is earning 20 billion pounds approximately only through print media and the number of employees is nearly 167000. “The Sun” is a very popular newspaper and a report states that it was widely sold in the UK in 2008 making the revenue of 3.1 million, thus capturing a quarter of the news market. Amongst the business newspapers, The Financial Times is the most famous while The Guardian is popular for its liberty.
The BBC was established in 1922 and there are many radio and television stations under its control. ITV plc is the rival of the BBC in the UK. It is operating eleven territorial stations. For the publicity of the newspapers on the national level, the News Corporation has the ownership of several newspapers.
BBC World Service is a radio station that is transmitted all around the world in almost 33 languages. It also owns 10 national stations and 40 radio networks on the local level. With the advancement and growth of media, new and new corporations are being formed introducing the latest trends.
The most popular television networks are BBC One, BBC Two, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5. The Television License is financing the in-house services of the BBC. The analogue TV channels can be approached by the Satellite and cable as well. The digital media have got much traffic and looking at its popularity and use, it is being said that the whole nation will soon change over the digital networks.
As far as the usage of the internet in the United Kingdom is concerned, many of the websites are providing their services online and the extension with the domain name used in the UK is “.uk”. The websites that have a heavy traffic are the British edition of the Google.

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